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Elena Ehrenwald

Elena Ehrenwald was born and raised in Mexico City and graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana where she earned a degree in Graphic Design in 1982.

She recalls growing up as a child who spent hours looking at the world around her, wishing to retain everything that she was seeing and imagining. So, she began to paint, in an effort to create imaginary landscapes and spaces with dream-like quality.

During her college years she encountered photography and continued an exploration of the medium on her own.

It wasn’t until years later, thanks to extraordinary teachers such as Saúl Serrano and Laura Cohen among others, that she discovered photography as an art form. She learned that rules and limits were as many or few as she imposed on herself.

This is how she began a personal journey, trying to make sense of her past and the world around her through photography.


Her work is mostly black and white, both analog and digital.


Solo Exhibitions

The Buchenwald Series

New York, NY 2014


Still Life

Miami, FL 2013


Latin Ambiance

Richmond, VA 2009


La Prisión de la Memoria

Miami, FL 2004


…y Nuestras Caras, Nuestros Muertos,

Nuestros Recuerdos

CDMX, Mexico 200


Multiples Reflejos del Alma

Puebla, Mexico 1989


Fotografía Reciente

CDMX, Mexico 1997

Collective Exhibitions

Royal Photographic Society Print Exhibition

Bath, England 2006, 2007


Arte en Hispanoamérica

Miami, FL 2001

Florence Biennale 2003

Italy 2003


Juried Exhibition

 Photographic Center

Palm Beach, FL 2001, 2003, 2005



CDMX, Mexico 1999


Mujeres Fragmentadas

Chosen series for the Latin American Showcase Centro de la Imagen

CDMX, Mexico 1996


Book La Prisión de la Memoria

Published in collaboration with Luis Miguel Messianu 2014

One World One Art

First Edition, 2010

Works featured: Fork and Roots, Leaving Life Behind and Cyprus

B&W Magazine
Issue 50, 2007

Works featured: Parque México, Circus, Leaving Life Behind, and Mid Life 1

Hasselblad FORUM

Issue 4, 2001

Works featured: Niña me Bella Niña, Ausencia, Sliencio and Recogeré los pedazos


Fotógrafas en el Tiempo

Calendar 2000

Casa de las Imágenes

Work featured: Tiempo Camino Elegido

Multiples Reflejos del Alma

Reflex Magazine

Issue 4, 1998

Work featured: Mujeres Fragmentadas

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